What is Individual/ Personal Therapy?

Personal therapy is a way in which an individual can address any issue in their lives that is causing them distress.
Each person, in their own unique way, has the potential to overcome their present difficulties. Working regularly with a trained therapist in a safe and non judgmental environment can provide a setting in which someoneĀ  can engage constructively with their struggle and discover a more creative way of living with less emotional baggage to hold them back.

What happens in Therapy?

With your therapist you can explore personal difficulties, hidden feelings and insecurities. In this way you can achieve personal goals, develop coping skills and self acceptance, work out ways of managing different behaviours and build a new way to live your life. Every therapist has their own way of working but the basic framework is the same, complete confidentiality in a safe place. Each session takes between 50 minutes and 1 hour, usually weekly sessions with a review after 6 weeks to asses how the work is going and to agree to continue the work if that is appropriate. Fees are negotiated during first session with the individual therapist.

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