Counselling & Psychotherapy Students

We at Elmwood Centre aim to support and meet the needs of individuals who are training to be professional psychotherapists and psychologists. Becoming a professional practitioner requires a decision to undertake a journey of personal discovery. The most important instrument you will work with as a therapist is yourself. A core component of training in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy is the undertaking of one’s own therapy, in order that the therapist can demonstrate that they are competent to take on the role of counsellor in someone’s life.
Understanding and clarifying one’s own thoughts, feelings, behaviors’ and motivations can be challenging, stimulating and ultimately rewarding at a personal level, but is also considered to be an ethical requirement in sound professional practice.

As therapists at Elmwood Centre, having been through the personal therapy process ourselves, we can empathise with you as a student therapist. Our aim is to increase your levels of self-awareness and your ability to attend to your own needs in a way that is safe and effective. At Elmwood we are experienced therapists who are also approved by the professional bodies, for example PSI, IACP, IAHIP, ICP, FTAI, IAAAC, MICHP.

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