What is Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis and the minds own natural abilities to resolve issues, relieve emotional burdens and achieve personal goals. It is a safe and effective process. Here at Elmwood Centre it is used successfully both in Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Psychotherapy. Hypnosis in Suggestion Therapy has proved to be highly effective for people who genuinely wish to stop smoking, curtail their eating and drinking habits, improve their levels of self-confidence, conquer pre-exam nerves or become less anxious when speaking in public.

Evidence exists that supports the use of hypnosis and guided imagery for pain management in child birth, commonly referred to as Hypno Birthing, and for reducing the intensity and range of symptoms experienced by those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Analytical Psychotherapy differs from conventional psychotherapy in that the client is in trance throughout the process and the therapeutic process itself is conducted over a much shorter period of time. Throughout each session, the client remains extremely relaxed and is consciously aware of everything that is being said by the therapist. Undergoing analysis while in trance allows a person to permanently remove symptoms by discovering, re-experiencing and resolving the original causes of their deeper emotional problems.
Trance is an altered state of consciousness that occurs when we are not fully in the present moment, in mind, body, emotions and spirit. Our self-image, our levels of confidence and the stories we bring with us from the past, all represent the trances we live in. It is most vividly shown when we find ourselves daydreaming, or when we fail to catch what someone says because “our mind was somewhere else”. We experience this trance state daily throughout our lives, whether by choice or by default. It allows us to respond automatically to stimuli and take care of routine activities without constant attention. However, the intentional use of hypnosis by a skilled and qualified therapist allows us to reshape our lives, our responses, and our perceptions, creating the health and happiness we desire.
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