At Elmwood Centre, we are a team of professional therapists who are committed to providing you with counselling and psychotherapy services in a warm, confidential and safe environment.

History of Elmwood

Elmwood Centre, formally known as The Family Therapy and Counselling Centre Ranelagh, was established in 1987 to provide counselling and psychotherapy services to the community. Our practice has moved to beautiful new premises at 22 Upper Baggot St. and expanded to include five full time psychotherapists who offer a more comprehensive range of services and expertise. All our Therapists are:

  • Professionally qualified
  • Experienced
  • Fully Accredited
  • Professionally Supervised
  • Members of Professional Organisations

The organisations of which we are members, ensure that the highest professional standards and ethical codes are applied.

Our Approach

As a team, our approach to our work, both as individuals and as a practice, is Humanistic and Integrative. Humanistic is a term that is used to describe an approach that respects, values and treats the individual as a whole person physically, mentally and emotionally. This approach also holds the belief that people have choice, freedom, responsibility and the capacity to change, heal and grow towards reaching their true potential. Integrative means that we draw creatively from a broad range of therapeutic strategies to help you on that journey. If you would like to speak to one of our therapists in complete confidence click here to arrange an appointment.


All therapists in the Elmwood Centre operate as independent sole traders. They each have their own professional indemnity insurance and are accredited by their respective professional bodies.